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S2E10: Medical Cannabis! 🌿⚕️

Curious about the many uses of medical cannabis? What are the pros? What are the cons? What is it good for? 🧐
We rap with Arnulfo Caparo about this controversial herb and it’s current standing in Panamá.🎙 @fufocaparo
Medical art by Carina Weber. 🎨

S2E9: Goethals and the Canal. 🚢

You probably know the monument in front of the Administration Building, but how much do you know about the person it was built to honor? ❓
We are discussing George Washington Goethals and the key role that he and many other individuals played in the building of the Panamá Canal. 🏗🚧⚙️
#panama #panamacanal #canalzone #history #live
Awesome Goethals art by Carina Weber. 🎨

S2E8: Improv Your Life! 😉

RapScallions knows a thing or two about improvisation. 🧐
Tomorrow we will talk about the history of Chicago’s own The Second City, as well as our own awesome improv experiences. We will also teach you ways in which improv can help you to enhance your life. 😎
Join us at 3 PM! Yes, And: Improv your life! 🎉
Incredible improvised art by Carina Weber 🎨
carina_ba_na_na 🔥🔥🔥

S2E7: Movies made in Panamá!

Ever wondered what movies have been filmed in Panamá? 🎬.
We are taking a look at some of the movies that have been filmed in our beautiful isthmus, and some even featured the Panamá Canal! 🚢
Lucky for you, RapScallions have been in a couple of films and can give you the behind the scenes action. 😉
Cinematic art by Carina Weber. 🎨

S2E6 - The Elks in the Panama Canal Zone. 🦌🇵🇦

A charitable organization that celebrates its 100 year anniversary in Panama this year, the Elks have a great history. 🥂
The RapScallions will rap about the Panamá Canal Elks Lodge #1414. 😃
Come along and share you memories of this great organization. 🌟
Awesome Elk art by Carina Weber. 🎨 #live #elkslodge #panama #canalzone

S2E05 Cooking with Rapscallions

If there is one thing that HB and Joe love it’s homestyle cooking! 🥘
Tune in as we share some of our favorite recipes from back in the day and from present day too. 🍗
Tune in and share some of yours! 😃

S2E04 Cruisin the Canal Zone

HB and Joe are taking a trip down memory lane and want to talk about it! 😃
From Amador to Balboa to Gamboa and back. The RapScallions visited different townsites and locations. 🗺

S2E03 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle RapScallions love planet Earth! 🌎
Now more than ever it is important that we do what we can to help our planet stay strong and healthy.🌲🌳

S2E02 The Theatre Guild of Ancon

The heart of a community that still beats today. An amazing location with so much history. ✨
Come along and share your stories as we take a look at the history of this unique Old Gal, the Theatre Guild of Ancon. ❤️

S2E01 Rappin w Raul Altamar

In this episode we talk to the multifaceted Raul Altamar Arias. He is a Journalist, a published writer, a Rocker, a Skater and a Historian!
After we cover all of these interesting topics we will have a roundtable discussion about the Canal Zone. The three of us, each with our own perspectives, talk about the faded legacy of what seems to be a forgotten point in Panama's rich history.
You don't want to miss this!

S1E52 One Year Anniversary Vol 2

One Year Anniversary! VOL. 2

S1E51 One Year Anniversary

S1E50 Colon City

We are talking about the iconic Panamanian city which was founded by an American railroad company. The jewel of the Caribbean, where West Indian culture thrived and the independence of the nation was secured. Its the last stop before Rio de Janeiro! You don't want to miss this episode. #panama #colon #podcast #history #canalzone #live

S1E49 Eurocup 2020 y Futbol

S1E48 Teatro Nacional w Cesar Robles

S1E47 Pirate Radio Broadcasts

S1E46 Rappin w Nikki Walsh

S1E45 Taboga!

S1E44 Rappin w Monalisa Arias

S1E43 Bananas!

S1E42 The MotorCross Chanp w Rudy Waller

S1E41 The Watermelon War

S1E40 Movie Talks w Andres Clemente

S1E39 La Marea Roja Part 2

S1E38 Futbol! y La Marea Roja

S1E37 Panama Sports Legends

S1E36 Island Hopping Vol. 2

S1E35 Island Hopping

S1E34 DC Comics

S1E33 Macalucia! Panamanian Superstitions

S1E32 Carnaval, Chinese New Year & Valentines

S1E31 Balboa Rams & The Superbowl

S1E30 Piloting the Panama Canal w Capt Andy

S1E29 World of Whiskey

S1E28 History of Marvel Comics

S1E27 Chow Time! Panamanian Cuisine

S1E26 Ringing in the New Year

S1E25 2020 - All the Good Things

S1E24Just Cause

S1E14 Hangover Cure

S1E16 Shark Photographer w Mike Bolton

S1E13 Coiba

S1E15 Teacher Talks w Kara McGuirt

S1E18 Jet Jockey w Luke Robertson

S1E19 Fiestas Patrias

S1E20 Mega Projects w Dan Norman

S1E17 World of Rum

S1E21 Panama City, Panama

S1E22 Panama City Vol. 2

S1E23 A SAS Xmas w Shorty&Slim

S1E12 Rapscallions Recap

S1E11 Mixloogy w Robby Martin

S1E10 The Baking Place by Hil

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