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About The RapScallions

The RapScallions are made up of Henry Bell “HB” Twohy & Jose Gabriel “Joe” Mezquita. Friends and collaborators for over 10 years, they have a combined 35 years of experience in acting, writing, improv, directing, producing, singing, rapping and recording.



They have appeared in feature films as well as on national television and radio. They have also performed at the historic Theatre Guild of Ancon and The National Theatre of Panama.

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Rappin with RapScallions -Background:

Rappin’ with RapScallions is a predominantly English language live cast that airs Sundays at 3 PM (Panama time). Some Spanish is added for extra sauce.


It has been steadily growing in viewership since its first episode on 28 June 2020. The episodes are 2 hours in length and can be viewed on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. They will soon also be available as podcasts.

The themes discussed on the show range from mental health to history and current events. The duo also discusses historical locations and events in Panama as well as food, drinks and everything in between.


The duo also shares recipes for drinks/cocktails and “Rappin with RapScallions Tunes” where they provide varied musical selections to their FamScallions.

Mission Statement/Objective

We strive to share cultural experiences with our listeners across the Globe. The Rapscallions are a platform to promote knowledge and kindness by researching  historic events and everything in between with the ultimate goal of engaging our audience to share and learn  from each other. We are made up of one Panamanian and one Zonian which gives us a unique point of view. Our show is heard across the world including Panama, the USA, Germany and China. The show is a space for viewers to talk about their experiences. No topic is off limits. The aim is to create a relationship with our viewers (or FamScallions) and attract new viewers organically.

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