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about me

Height: 6'   |   Eye Color: Hazel/Green   |   Hair Color: Silver

No Union Affiliation | Bilingual English & Spanish


Historias del Canal,  Jeremiah,  Director: Carolina Borrero

Paradise Lost: Escobar, Party Goer,  Director: Andrea Di Steffano

Hands of Stone,  Ringside Photographer, Director: Jonathan Jakubowicz

HumanPersons, Charles, Director: Frank Spano

Operation Just Cause, Delta 1, Director: Luis Pacheko

Gauguin and Canal, Caverie, Director Frank Spano

Panama Al Brown, Phil Morgan, Directors Navarro, Rodriguez 


UNICEF - Social Protection Campaign - VO

IAHR Conference - Master of Ceremonies

I am Zonian - VO

Anebula M16 - Narrator

Game on the Point - VO

There are Such Things - VO Van Helsing

Usnavy En La Capital - Various Voices


Parking Historico (Mini-Series) Francis B. Loomis, Season 1 & 2

Encuentros con la Historia, Gen Pershing, El Incidente Pershing

QuienTV, Harry Cox, 

En El Corredor de la Muerte (Mini-Series), Vecino Casimir


2011: Bearclaw, Deep Fried Comedy, Producer: Murder at the Howard Johnson, Christmas Gala

2012: Reservoir Dogs, Deep Fried Comedy 2, Godspell

2013: The School for Wives, Improv8, Point Break Live! Panama, Deep Fried Comedy III

2014: All in the Timing, Deep Fried Comedy 4, The Woman in Black

2015: Panama Hattie, The Joke Bureau, Improv8

2016: Clue

2017: Groundhog Day, Improv8, 4in48, Assistant Director: A Two Man Xmas Carol

2018: Panama the Musical, 40 Kilates

2019: 1903: El Musical

2021: 1903: El Musical Season 2, Xmas Improv Show

2022: Stand Up en Ingles at the Guild



Local in Panama, Tourism Show, Youtube, Director: Henry Twohy

Usnavy en la Capital, Cartoon, Various Voices, Dirctor: Jason Post

Rappin w Rapscallions, Podcast Livecast



Premios Escena 2017, Nominated: Best Lead Actor "Groundhog Day"


Comedy (Scripted, Improvised, Stand up) Improvisation Training,  Mime style, Bufón style, Comedia Dell’arte, Dramatic acting workshop, Combat choreography for stage and cinema, graduated and accredited by the government sponsored DICINE 2018 Film Making Workshop, Broadcaster's license(VO), Orator training

Voice and Choir training: Baritone/tenor by Maestro Leslie George

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